Wednesday, September 8, 2010

used Phil &Teds Double Stroller (Sport)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

very good condition
product details click here

brand new are sell @ RM3,000++
and double seat are sold separately

i have 2 unit:
with almost perfect condition, and complete with double seat

1. condition 9.5/10 used 3 times. Only in shopping mall
selling price: RM2,300

2. condition 9/10 used less than 10 times. Only in shopping mall
selling price: RM1,900 - SOLD

(emel@YM me for best price)


Anonymous said...

Salam, berminat sgt dgn stroller nie. U got email.

mama and kids said...

tak boleh nk PM u kat FB la, email me ek. tQ

Anonymous said...

i berminat dgn stroller u yg inline la ada lg tak bper prices can nego yg 1250 tu

Anonymous said...

i yg cmmt previouse msg td kalua ad can email me tak at bg pic yg cloced up yg pnt inline td tak......selain inline ada tak sport ker yg warna agak2 terang sikit?

Anonymous said...

please email me :

sgt2 berminat....

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